Energy Lip Balm Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of an energy lip balm is a new thing. Being on the forefront of this, we here at Energy-X get a lot of questions regarding energy lip balms in general. We have put together a basic F.A.Q to answer a lot of the questions we get all the time. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

What is an energy lip balm?

An energy lip balm is simply a lip care application that moisturizes and protects your lips while raising your metabolism, increasing ones energy.

Exactly how do I get energy from a lip balm?

When you drink coffee for example, caffeine enters the blood stream through the digestive system. When using Energy-X the formula enters the body, transdermally through tiny blood vessels in the lips.

What’s in it that can give me energy?

Energy-X was formulated by doctors with all natural ingredients to deliver the best quality product on the market. The ingredients in this all natural lip balm include, Natural Beeswax, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Hoodia Gordonii Extract, Safflower Oil and Coconut Oil. All of these ingredients are known within the natural health community to stimulate the mind and body naturally and safely.

Is it safe?

All Energy-X products are 100% safe and come with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Do I use it just like my other lip balm?

Energy-X works best when applied 4-8 times daily. This will give one optimum results. One tube last around 30 days when used as recommended.

Who is using it?

Andre Ethier, right fielder of the Los Angeles Dodgers uses Energy-X to help get him through the long MLB baseball season. Energy-X is popular with active people like runners, cyclists, surfers and other action sports. Energy-X is also great for the working professional, students and people who have long daily commutes. It stimulates the mind to helps one focus.

Do you get a burnout or crashed feeling after using it?

Energy-X has no sugar or chemicals so there is no crash like when drinking energy drinks. The all natural ingredients work together to give you a clean, natural stimulating boost of energy throughout the day.


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