Energy Gum As An Affordable Boost Of Energy

Energy-X GumEnergy gum is a cost effective option for finding some additional energy when you’re starting to drag halfway through the day. In comparison to other energy products on the market like energy drinks or energy shots, energy gum like Energy-X Gum won’t break the bank. It also provides energy that will slowly taper off through the day. This eliminates the energy crash after the initial burst wears off resulting in the need for more product. One piece of gum will do the trick.

Your typical energy drink can cost anywhere from $1.99 all the way upwards to $8 at a bar or event. You usually have to consume that entire drink for optimal results to take place. If you consume more than one drink in a day because of the energy crash that you may experience, the price continues to rise. One piece of Energy-X Gum is equivalent in potency to an entire energy drink and it costs just $2.99 for a pack of 8 piece. That is more than a one week supply of product assuming you would consume it on a daily basis which isn’t always necessary for a person’s schedule.

One piece of Energy-X Gum has 55 mg of caffeine as well as B-vitamins that help the body produce energy. This is actually a lower dose of caffeine than a cup of coffee but the gum will produce energy-boosting effects far quicker than the hot beverage. This is because coffee, tea or even an energy drink is sipped slowly because of it’s strong flavor. Energy-X Gum can be chewed quickly and immediately the effects are seen. It will slowly wear off and there won’t be a need for more. Many people need to drink coffee consistently though the day to function properly and this can become a costly habit.

Energy gum has a great cost value for people seeking a quick pick me up during the day. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each year on coffee or energy drinks that can be ineffective and inconvenient, a simple pack of Energy-X Gum will save money as well as provide energy when it is needed.


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